WARNING – Don’t Go Another Day With    

                       This Internal Pain, Shame, or Guilt 


            The secrets to healing your heart and moving forward

As a child I grew up in an abusive environment. It was my norm and I became accustomed to what many would view as abnormal unhealthy behavior.


One day I found myself in my car crying out to God. ”Where did I go wrong?How did I get here?


I had reached an all time LOW in my life. Every area of my life was failing and the harder I tried at being a better mom, wife, daughter, and aiming at advancing my career, I FELT EVEN MORE EMPTY ON THE INSIDE. So empty to the point where it left me WAILING IN TEARS TO GOD, DESPERATE FOR AN ANSWER. 


There was a record that I stored in my mind as. “This was how life should be. Filled with mental and emotional abuse toward myself. Self sabotaging, turmoil, worry, struggle, unworthiness and a whole lot of fear.”  


 What are your beliefs speaking and playing in the background of your mind? 


Cammie was stuck in life! Living and Sleeping With Anxiety.  YIKES! That was ALL SHE KNEW. Her esteem was very low, and she DID NOT FEEL like she was ENOUGH. She smiled on the outside but lived with so many  fears and beliefs until to haunted her thoughts during the day and night. One DAY, LIFE MET HER IN THE FACE AND FOUND HER IN TEARS IN HER CAR. Every area of her life had FAILED. “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? Why has my life turned out this way?” 


A voice spoke to her and this voice (GOD) told her that it was because of her hidden beliefs that created her reality. She wiped her tears and began listening more to this voice that was speaking to her. “This isn’t who you are, you’re getting ready to go on a journey of “unlearning.” Cammie’s life has NEVER BEEN THE SAME EVER SINCE THAT DAY. Cammie has lost over 50 pounds. Cammie has peace, joy and love that she wouldn’t have never found with the beliefs she had before. Cammie is ME!


You do NOT have to experience what I went through. You do NOT have to find an intense DIVINE AWAKENING to change the course of your life. If you are repeating the same cycle of pain, sadness, unforgiveness, unhealthy family chords of their agreements and beliefs then this quiz will help.


In the Heal Your Heart Quiz, you’ll identify the underlying beliefs, energetic chords, or ties that you could be attached to. These few questions will help you take an introspective look and take back your power. At the end of the quiz, you will receive a score. Don't worry, there is no such thing as A passing or failing grade on this quiz! WHEW! This is all about healing and soaring. We’re all in this together and I'm here to help you along the way. Happy quizzing!