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I help women heal from deeply rooted self sabotaging beliefs and stand in their true power which is love


Join the 10 day journey with me and learn why "my weight-loss was my side effect."

How To Heal Your Heart’s Dis-ease

It's Time to Heal

If you would like to release yourself from old limiting beliefs and align with new ones, have a look at my offerings and free guided meditation. It's a great start to align your life with new beliefs about YOURSELF and LOVE.


Guided Mediation

"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

- Albert Einstein 

Cammie knight

Meet Cammie

I'm so grateful to be of service to the world. My pain has birthed a beauty that could only be orchestrated by The Divine.


I am here to help you clear the blocks and be all that you are called to be. I believe the greatest downfall is getting in our own way. How do we break the barrier? Let's take the journey together and explore the depths of your heart.

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