Love Freely, but not everyone has access to your soul

Discerning that is key 🔑😘 it’s very important in your growth and through out your life. Not everyone means harm. That’s not the point, it’s just knowing when to close your mouth and knowing when to open it. Knowing what to share and not to share takes a level of trust within oneself. For me it took sometime and I understand why that is important. It helps bring more clarity in your forward path. You’re not caught up in mixed energies, when you’re listening to the spirit when it says “be quiet.”

It definitely was a lesson for me that I had to learn through trial an error and it’s okay 🤗. Sometimes you may need to vent in your broken place or even in your high place, but I’ve learned that as you expand more, you become more connected within. Simply because it is about your connection with self and God and being intuned to that with more clarity. Like I mentioned, it may take time 🤗AND most IMPORTANTLY, please HONOR where you are! You may not be in that place of trusting “just yet” but there is a place that is higher than you ever could imagine and being aware and truthful in where you are presently is key. It’s NOT beneficial to rush past that place because there maybe something that you need to learn, or be nurtured through in the process. We are all constantly expanding, so please go easy on yourself “WHERE EVER” you are in your chapter of life. I believe in you and I am with you. All of your chapters are beautiful and apart of you. Being mindful to be more kind to you, more gentle with you in the hard parts of your life as well as the soft parts.

Every part is needed