Having sleepless nights isn’t always a bad thing and here’s why!

Having sleepless nights is not always fun, but it could be your subconscious mind being at work and in your conscious state, you’re able to see what beliefs you hold that is.....HOLDING YOU BACK or IN YOUR OWN WAY. It very well COULD BE THE “ANSWER TO YOUR PRAYER 🙏🏾“

You are always being watched over and cared for, ALWAYS. Truth is YOU COULD NEVER HIDE FROM GOD, never hide from the truth. Never hide from your own reflection. It’s there for your highest good! Promise you! Many people have different reasons why they have sleepless nights. BUT I’m here to share with you the process of healing, “sometimes” happen within us in our “sleeping” state. Your soul is ALWAYS at work to heal you, to bring the best out of you for you to live your best life in every way possible. Please allow it to take it’s course in you. Sometime the things that we pray for or go to God for are the answers that reveal within us or through ppl. Just be OPEN to what happens WITHIN YOU! Because EVERYTHING starts with you. You could be praying for more love, or a romantic partner, or to be healed from a situation or healed from a broken heart. Or praying for more money, or praying for more happiness or peace. Or even praying for someone else. Well, often times when you are connected within yourself, that’s being tuned within, you’re able to feel and ALLOW your body to speak. This takes time and practice, but the answers will be revealed. Are you resistant when the answer comes? I’ve found that the very thing that I’ve desired or prayed for, when the answers reveal and I’ve pushed it away it’s due to an unresolved belief that is rooted in fear. Pause and be mindful of that! So your fears can be a “block” from “ALLOWING” it to flow into your life. So do me a favor and do an exercise on yourself and say, “am I resistant because I’m afraid, or am I more at peace and allowing the flow into my life.” Sometimes you have to check your fears, not judge them, HEAVENS NO! But check t