About Me

Hey, I’m glad you’re here! My story of helping women heal the matters of their hearts started with me. Yeah, I decided to take this healing journey on my own and ended up helping other women by simply sharing my story in what I learned about my scars and how God helped me heal my heart from those wounds I DIDN’T FULLY understand at the time, what was in my “way.” I had very, (well I think) terrible self esteem in my opinion. It was an awful HEAVY feeling I kept living with. Not judging myself or it, just understanding that that was the place I was in for YEARS, ever since I was a little girl. I “hated” the relationship I had within myself. I  Smiled on the outside and sincerely wanted to be happy, but a very troubled mind and heart on the inside.

I wanted answers, but didn’t know how to really find them or think it was even possible! My doubts were proven WRONG! God met me in a place, right in my car to be exact. I had the most amazing encounter in this presence. All of this came about, due to my life feeling like it FELL IN SHAMBLES. Everything was broken in my life, and God showed me why. My relationship(s) money, passions, was because of the brokenness I carried within myself. BUT GUESS WHAT???? I was shown that it wasn’t my fault! It was belief patterns, old wounds I carried from my loved ones (I.e my mother, father, grandmother, social media etc.). These “attachments” was rooted in fear, the opposite of fear is LOVE. I took the step to remove the heavy layers and started to see WHO I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN. From then on, I was guided on how to heal myself and this TRANSFORMATION was so radiant, I started attracting other women (men included) who were in need of assistance in their healing. So here I am, teaching, counseling, and sharing my story. All because I decided to heal me! I’d love to offer you my stories, epiphanies, and tools that has totally shifted my LIFE, and the lives of others. 

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