About Me

Hey, I’m glad you’re here!  My name is Cammie Knight and I help women heal the matters of their hearts by getting to the root of their shadows and raising their level of vibration through my gift of sharing and teaching tools that has CHANGED MY LIFE FIRST.


Women love to share, well the ones I know:). I have successfully healed from my scars. It was a ROUGH road, yet a BEAUTIFUL ONE.  Five years ago, my life felt like an earthquake hit and every thing in my life shattered. I was left with a wounded heart, yet on a quest to ask God, "How did my life end up this way?" My relationship was broken, I felt like I could NEVER BE a good enough in anything I did. I lived with anxiety, fear and depression. "GOD SHOW ME." Were my exact word. God spoke and to my soul and showed me all of my wounds. I was embarrassed for a momentarily because shortly after that I felt a LOVE that was so warm and indescribable. I was then told that my life would never be the same from that day forward! Those words NEVER CAME BACK VOID!

I personally found out that while I was being guided on the journey to heal myself from the heaviness I carried, I saw real life transformation happening within me. 

It was happening right before my eyes. I released to my heaviness, LITERALLY. The byproduct of that was loosing close to almost 70 pounds. I tell people all the time, "It wasn't about loosing weight."

Your girl wanted to heal! I wanted answers as to why my life felt like it fell apart. "HOW DID I GET HERE?"

As I was guided to the answers, and began healing from my past wounds, I felt compelled to "share my story." I told you, as women we share:). So I did exactly that. I created classes and courses around my life changing journey that has helped transformed their lives.